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A  shiny new food blog

My name is Kathy Voyles and I am the founder of The Food Forum. Together with  Lisa O Sullivan I have spent the last few years or so collating recipes and trying them out on our family and friends and teaching people to cook.

This is our new blog on the very wonderful wordpress – new shiny look, new recipes and hopefully loads of good food fun. Our mission remains the same, new address or not – getting kids to eat good wholesome, delicious food – preferably organic, honestly sourced and  even home-grown. No, we don’t like our kids to eat too many crisps, sweets or over-processed foods like chicken nuggets- we think of those sorts of  foods as ‘sometimes’ foods.

We know that lots of western kids reject vegetables and real foods these days and we also know that being a parent aint easy at times. The good news is that there are things we can do and food we can make which will tempt any palate. Oh, there may be clamped mouths at first but just continue to serve lots of leafy salads, grains, lentils and whole-wheat pasta with delicious fresh sauces and they will get it in the end! Shop around the edge of the supermarket and see if you can avoid over-processed foods.

Encourage your kids to shop with you at the local farmer’s market, involve them in planning menus and even better allow them to cook. Involvement is the key and you never know you may even produce a future Jamie Oliver or Delia Smith. Or make it a junior Masterchef game and add that element of competition that the young really like.

Yes, we do partake of the odd strawberry scone and luscious emon tart but we recognize that diabetes and obesity are the diseases of an affluent society and that we and our kids are at risk. My parents were both diabetic and I can tell you, it is a nasty, nasty disease.We believe in a balanced view of food serving plenty of fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, pulses, grains, some dairy and occassionally sustainably caught fish and organic meat. Our food heros are Michael Pollan, David Kessler and Chef Ann Cooper amongst others. We adore Saf Rawfoods and the Ottolenghi  cafe  in London and can be found frequenting the Farmers Market on Wednesday mornings in The Hague – we adore the Mushroom women! And we subscribe to, kitchenbutterfly and Zucchini & Chocolate amongst a few others.

We hope you will join us at the Food Forum in our quest to make kids fresh healthy lunch boxes, in helping them learn about food, in tasting new ingredients, and preparing real food. We don’t believe in “kids food” either – it is everyone’s food! And we read labels even in health food stores  and try not to buy anything with 3 sugars added.

Our richly diverse Food Forum group brings together passionate foodies who seek to inspire kids and adults to think about where their food comes from; to consider its impact on our health and well-being and to cook delicious wonderful food from scratch in order to enjoy it with family and/or friends.  Some of us are health professionals, some of us cook for a living, some of us hardly ever cook, some of us are kids and some of us are rather more than middle-aged – we are from many cultures and countries but what brings us together is food. If you live in the Netherlands and you want us to talk to your school about food or give a “Love your lunchbox” workshop, do contact us. We are keen to help.

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