Glowing Greek Yoghurt and Black Bean Brownies – yep, that’s Beans!

Two weeks ago I cooked at Quirkys making my version of a Whole foods Tex Mex Veggie dinner. The feedback was great and I have been asked to provide recipes for my fresh sauces, so Stephanie Ward, who runs the very excellent Firefly Coaching company ( here you are! Enjoy!

Glowing Greek Yoghurt Dip

I always serve a simple Greek yoghurt dip type sauce with my Tex Mex. It takes all of 5 minutes.

Take a good cup of  natural yoghurt  or sour cream.  Add some dried garlic powder or freshly minced mild garlic, a few chopped fresh herbs such as chives, coriander and mint, a squeeze of lemon or lime, salt and pepper, then mix well. A smattering of flaked chili wouldn’t go amiss either. The longer it is left to marinate the better it is. It goes well with mexican food, on roasted potatoes, as an alternative to mayo and tastes excellent. Make it glow by adding a splattering of prepared pomergranate seeds. Alternatively next time anyone goes to Greece pick up some dried Tzatziki sauce mix which is excellent for a quick dip, just add yoghurt and grated, drained cucumber.

Coriander Salsa or Green Goddess Dip to Die For….

I have posted this before but here it is again. Remove large stalks and place washed fresh coriander in a blender with fresh mint, half a seeded chili, a tablespoon of Thai Chilli sauce, the juice of a lime or a lemon. Add some cold water and blend. That’s it, easy huh! Serve with anything you want to, it is absolutely delicious. Needless to say if you are not a coridander fan, you will need to replace it with Thai holy basil or make a minty version.

Now thanks to Life coach, financial planner and nutritionalist Stefanie Thomas ( for this delicious but totally unusual recipe! I went to a Productive Parenting talk given by Stefanie for Passionate Parenting and amongst the very excellent tips she gave us was a tasting of a lovely dark, moorish brownie, made with no flour or sugar!! Prefect for the gluten free diet.

With her permission I am posting it here. I, whom am no chocolate lover, found it very, very good indeed. And the kids were flabbergasted. What, you must be kidding they said. Beans, not beans!

Black Bean Brownies

Preheat your oven to 175 C or 350 F


One and a half cups of organic black beans, drained and rinsed

3 large organic eggs

3 tbsps of melted butter

2 tbsps of melted coconut oil

quarter of a cup cocoa powder

pinch of salt

2 tsps of a good vanilla essence

5 tbsp of Stevia powder (natural sweetner available at healthfood stores or use maple syrup, honey instead)

100 gms of good dark chocolate, grated or chopped into small pieices. I used the dark chocolate buttons from Australian

2 pinches of cayenne pepper which compliments the chocolate very well.

Place everything into a blender, adding the chocolate pieces at the very last moment. I blended for a few minutes and could still see beany bits. You could also add nuts of your choice.

Place mixture into a parchment lined swiss roll tin. Grease the baking paper with coconut oil and cooked for approx 30 minutes at 175. Mine was cooked in a fan forced oven for 25 and cut when cold. I have to say I am impressed. I made mine with Stevia powder which is sweeter than sugar. I will experiment with maple sugar or syrup next time.

Below, the Green Coriander Salsa. I think I will go and make some, it just looks too good. Next post will be my annual Best of The Hague 2011. I’ll be posting my top picks for the Best Carrot Cake in town, the best coffee, the friendliest cafe, the most family friendly cafe, best sushi, best park, best thing to do on a rainy, cold, grey day. If you have some special place, food, shop you would like to have mentioned do please send your comments in. There are two very strong contenders for the best carrot cake: Baklust and La Buena Vida. Looks like we will have to do a taste off, how wonderful. We will also have to taste Crunch’s raspberry and choc cake, Philppe’s choc pie and Quirky’s oreo cookie cheesecake, volunteers please?

I will be at the Winter Fair on December 3 at the British School with a sample of recipes, lunch box favourite, containers and ideas to swap. Until then, happy, healthy and gorgeous eating.

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