Good Food Brings People Together – May your next meal be divine!

I was feeling rather foodily despondent today looking back over two years of seeking to inspire kids and adults to be mindful about what they are eating, to celebrate fresh, local, delicioius food and to share meals with friends, family and learn more all the time! I had received the class party food list. It mentioned 2 things which I hoped not to see on such a list again. Words that strike some fear and trepidation to a food-lovers heart: chicken nuggets and crisps! We started The Food Forum because of such a list some 2 years ago. We (a loose group of foodies, parents, nutritionalists and parents) were determined to help kids  learn about good food, to follow in Jamie Oliver’s footsteps by sharing our cooking skills and to have fun with beautiful ingredients and food. Observing what kids were buying at Albert Heijn for breakfast (cans of so-called Sports Drinks and large bags of crisps) and what was offered as celebratory food – the cheap of the cheapest hotdogs in white bread rolls, deep fried nasties etc. has led to a few sighs along the way. But for some reason after a visit to our local natuurwinkle (organic food market) and a chat to the very friendly Australian behind the counter, Rosy, I feel suddenly buoyed up by the past year and opportunities ahead. I also felt more optimistic after I talked to a teacher about bringing in some changes next year and reviewing the  festve party list.  So, if you will indulge me I would like to share some food photographs of the past year before I write my Best of The Hague 2011 blog. This time last year we were about to head to our other home Waiheke Island just off the coastline of New Zealand – I miss it most dreadfully but have great memories of sharing food with lovely people in glorious greenery. Here are some of the things I enjoyed in 2011… above walking the coastline on Waiheke

Beetroot dyed quails eggs for Easter

Birthday flowers picked in our Waiheke Garden, beauty for a day! As the sun goes down so they close and fade but for a brief day they are the stars of the show!

My favourite flavours of the year – lemons and pomergranates, simply divine!

Giant couscous, sometimes available at the Fair Trade stores

Spinach and pesto pancakes, discovering Ottolenghi's in London

Discovering all sorts of noodles, rice, green tea, and loving them!

Soft Spring Rolls - small soft packages of fresh ingredients to taste, adore Vietamese Food

Berry fruit at Yvonnes stand in high summer

It’s been a grand year, and I’ll be hoping for an even better one next year! Learning never ends and brings great joy, may we all be receptive to new ideas and knowledge. I was going to add in a photograph of the typical picture of the “party” food available  at most children’s party venues (chips, nuggets and processed sauces – nasty)  but I have decided instead to add in a last photograph of our 2010 festive meal shared with family and friends because that’s what good food really does, it brings people together. Next blog I absolutely promise cross my cooking knives The Best of our City. See you at the school fair tomorrow? Or at Quirkys next Tuesday film night where I’ll be making wholewheat pizzas with Christine? In the meantime I hope your next meal is delicious, healthy and shared with someone else!

Friends share a festive meal

Good Food Brings People Together

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