Sweet Potato Frittata, Fat Kittens, and Food dressed in pink!

Plate of sushi for school party

A plate of food and flowers

Eleanor Mills article  “But it’s Yummy, Mummy” in the Sunday Times last week got me thinking. Eleanor like myself (and most of my family & friends) is awfully keen on food. One of her early family photos shows her tucking into a box of chocs, her face a vision of blissful ecstascy, eyes closed, rosebud lips parted in anticipation. So she started a blog http://fatkittens.wordpress.com to look at how we feed our kids and our own rather mixed up attitudes to food. India Knight recently tweeted on how her seven year old and friends were concerned about being fat and wondering about going on diets! I too am keenly aware of bringing up my kids in an obesigenic society where we are all bombarded with adverts about food, about sports drinks, and about how cool we are if we drink coke, pepsi and eat hamburgers.  Supermarket food  is dressed in pink icing and sprinkles, frozen yoghurts (which may or may not have dairy products in them) are served up from conveying machines in our schools and food techies are tempting our palates with conjured up chemically-created irrestible tastes. Help, what do we do? Easy, but not simple – buy simple ingredients and cook from scratch! Cook it simply and make it look good. Don’t go to supermarkets where both you and your child will be tempted by all those cakes, bars and sweets at child eye level. Go to markets instead if at all possible. Do make cookies and cakes yourself but limit them to weekends and special days. Yours will taste better, have less sugar and be an act of love! Please call them “sometimes” foods not treats!

Jack’s recent school party food list caused me some alarm with its list of chicken (ugh) nuggets, crisps and sweets! I took no notice of the list but found myself dithering on party day. Would I do kappa make, sweet potato frittata, or boil some quail’s eggs? I just couldn’t decide so made all three. I was very pleasantly surprised to see lots of homemade food arriving with the other kids. Yes, there was a packet or two of crisps, micro-wave popcorn and some brought cakes but we put out the fresh food first and our kids went for it. Well most of them did. I particularly like the sweet potato frittata which went beautifully with Ute’s low fat kwark and curry dip!

Roast Sweet Potato and basil frittata

Makes at least 12 muffin sized frittata

2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed

1 large rosevale potato, chopped and cubed into small squares

1 sprig of rosemary to flavour oil in roasting pan

Roast the sweet potatoes and potato in olive oil with a sprig of rosemary, 1 tsp of ground cumin, freshly ground pepper and salt for 20 minutes in a pre-heated fan forced oven at 190 degrees.

In a small bowl beat 5 eggs, 160 mls of cream,  half a cup of torn basil leaves, and half a cup of grated parmesan cheese until well mixed.

Place paper cupcake cases into a muffin pan and lower oven tempreture to 160 degrees

Divide the cooked cubes of potatoes evenly into muffin pans. Pour in the egg/cream/cheese/basil mixture on top. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Allow to stand for 5 minutes befor turning out. Serve with homemade chutney or simple Kwark dip below.

Ute’s Simple Kwark Dip

1 cup of low fat natural kwark mixed with half a teaspoon of curry powder to taste and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Coming up soon (hopefully after lunch – I am making roasted root veggies served with truffle pasta, blue cheese and nuts) Part 2 of The Best of The Hague – I being putting forward my picks for best Italian restaurant, best pizza, best restaurant, best gift store, best charity sites for gifts etc.  Also my recipe for cranberry relish/chutney fit for a celebration table….. Oh gosh, could it Christmas coming up? I am feeling like Ethel the Unready! You?

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