Summer, dear Summer, you are here at last!

peppers, herbsOh, it’s been a long time coming this year. Yes, there have been tasters, a warm day or three, the hazy sound of a lonesome bumble bee on the wing, but just as we went to put away our mittens and our heavy winter coats, there was a fresh burst of arctic air to keep us down and chilled. But now the plants are growing like the wind (as are the weeds), the birds are singing their hearts out and I am making a meal out of our small garden. It’s true the tomatoes are far from being harvestable but I can see the first beans, there are some little stalks of tender ruburb and celery, the chive flowers are ready for my goat’s cheese salad, the mint ready for iced teas and the lettuce leaves/herbs are being used everyday in sandwiches, bagels and salads.


garden is growingYou can see how my garden grows above, with the help of the Green Room’s organic anti snail pellets and a local toad or three to keep those slugs at bay and those plants are really powering along, which just shows you what you can do with a few metres and some earth. And below ladies, gentlemen, girls and boys is my very own organic compost (made with the help of quite a few hundreds of kindly worms) which will go into my little veggie gardens and enrich the soil. You can just see the traces of egg shells for that my good people, is our family left-overs, which I place diligently into my worm composters every morning.

I thought my clever little worms had frozen to death over that long winter but I have a healthy bin of them, breaking down the family scraps although I do worry about their coffee intake. They must be a little buzzy in there. Everything apart from bread, dairy products, meat or fish goes into 2 bins and therefore replenishes our garden after it is broken down – wonderful. No composter?  Never fear,for as a fabulous young woman explained the other day, blend up your leftovers (not stones or bones) and simply dig them into the garden directly but at least 6 inches away from the nearest tree! I managed to get on a edible gardens workshop this month and learned so much from the charming Suzanne about how little soil we actually need to grown a lettuce, 5 cms and a carrot, 7 cms and how we can all grow micro greens and our own sprouts. So, there is not excuse, grow we must!


Lastly, this month I purchased a dehydrator which has been loads of fun. I have been dehydrating mangos from the market, cherries, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes, bananas and apples. They are a taste revolution and it’s as easy as cutting them up really. I continue to experiment but so far I can thoroughly recommend this new generation of small 5 tray dehydrators ( I got mine from the Sligro wholesale stores but am willing to bet that Amazon will probably do them cheaply).

fruits of my new dehydrator

Above, strawberries, white fleshed wildman peaches (are there any other), cherries, strawbs, and mango. Below cherry tomatoes in olive oil, thyme and rosemary, sprinkled with sea salt and black pepper. It’s fun, easy and delish and it makes me kinda feel a bit Heston Blumenthal if you know what I mean. Next time garlic and ginger tofu with bulgar salad and pomegranate pearly dressing! Enjoy, enjoy!


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  1. randomouting
    Jun 18, 2013 @ 17:50:35

    Mmmmm! It all looks delicious and the dehydrator looks like great fun. Looking forward to the garlic and ginger tofu with bulgar salad and pomegranate pearly dressing! I shall be passing this on to my son’s vegie girlfriend. Thank you. And my the sun keep shining for all of us for a few more days at least!


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